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My friend we have done wrong

But still we must stand strong

It’s time to change our fate

And plan a great escape

We turn knights into our pawns,

Can’t match our brain, or our brawn,

Quick maneuvers and deceit

Keep enemies on their feet

Come on my friend/time to go/this is our shining moment

Take control/of our lives/ we’re too good for our opponents/

Travelling fast/on a quest/ to get away from danger/

Might face hardships/on the way/but to that I am no stranger

Cuz if we’re a team

We can reach our goals

We’ll be free at last

From this dreary hole

We are wanted men

Bounties on our heads

Will we be stopped now?

Or escape instead? (x2)


Grounded/ and we're/still alive

We are/strong and/ will survive

We are brave/ and we are great,

Stand /up tall/despite the pain

Now with you my / my good friend/ we’re tired and weakened

You can't back down/or give up/ won’t let you be defeated

Resistance is our name

Even if we're fighting pain

together we can do anything

Eyes glow, we shine

Teamed with, Herobine

Our strength, linked within

So give up, you cannot win

So give up you cannot win! (x4)

Give up, give up

Give up you cannot win


You can't win!


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