EDIT: Sorry, but comments are disabled. It was getting disrespectful. Nobody was reading the description. Besides, I posted this BEFORE Sister Location came out.

Anyway, these are all my drawings. I give you full permission to draw them so long as you credit the designs to me. If you wish to give me POSITIVE feedback, please leave a comment here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KKLuvr45/discussion

EDIT: This is my LAST warning! If I see ONE MORE COMMENT about Funtime Foxy being female, I WILL shutdown the comments on this video. I already said that I headcanon them as a guy. Also, if you guys actually LISTENED to ANGSTY TEEN on NIGHT 2 you would know that he said HIM when referring to FT Foxy. That means FT Foxy has NO CLEAR GENDER!!!!! STOP ASSUMING THEY ARE A SHE JUST BECAUSE HAND UNIT SAID SHE ON NIGHT 3!!!!

EDIT: I headcanon Funtime Foxy as a transgender male. That is why she has a male voice.

What if all the animatronics wanted to do was hold a rave during your shift? And you were invited?

Freddy - Usher (Yeah)

Bonnie - Iyaz (Replay)

Chica - Kesha (Die Young)

Foxy - Kanye West (Stronger)

Freddie - Mike Posner (Cooler Than Me)

Bonbon - Jacob Latimore (This Or That)

Chichi - Jennifer Lopez (On The Floor)

Mangle - Estelle (American Boy)

Marionette - Macklemore (Thrift Shop)

Springtrap - PitBull (International Love)

Goldie - Chris Brown (International Love)

Nightmare - Timbaland (The Way I Are)

Baby - Miley Cyrus (Party In The USA)

Funtime Foxy - Taio Cruz (Dynamite)

Funtime Freddy - Justin Timberlake (Can't Stop the Feeling)

Ballora - Lady Gaga (Just Dance)

Mike - Will.i.am (Scream and Shout)

Jeremy - Justin Bieber (Boyfriend)

Fritz - Jason Derulo (Get Ugly)

Phone Guy - Pharrell Williams (Get Lucky)

Vincent - Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk)