Finally, after being a week late because of computer problems, it is finally here, my first ever (real) Five Nights at Freddy's Gmod video.

This is probably the hardest and fastest I've ever worked on any Gmod video. Once I got everything fixed and reinstalled Garry's Mod onto my new external hard drive, I pretty much got straight to work on this. I doubted I would get it done by today, but once I started the sound editing, everything went pretty quickly.

See if you can try and spot where the computer troubles started and I had to re-create the save!

Thanks for watching, and expect to see Friendly Foxy 2 sometime in the future! (Yes, I AM going to make a sequel to this, unlike a certain OTHER video I made. FNAF at least has more stuff to work with i.e. 3 more games)

Oh yes, and a Patreon shout out to Carl Johannes Huglen for pledging to me. Thanks for the support!

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