Mobs are going back to FNAF again! But this time, will they successfully make it till 6 a.m?

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Keep in mind that this is only part one of the full video, there will be a part 2 if you guys want it :)


♦♢ Original map by xXElyrisXx ♢♦

♡ Animatronic Rigs Credit ♡

♡ The Ultimate FNAF 2 Pack by Shayzis (your RIGs are amazing as always)

♡ Balloon Boy by IAmOnlyMasada (nice Rigs)

♡ Sisterlocation Rigs Pack by Mr. Darl (HIS RIGS ARE SO COOL!!)

♡ FNAF 4 Rigs Pack OpHsVinicius (HIS RIGS ARE AMAZING!)

♡ FFPS rigs by Creeper2555 (Really nice rigs pack :) )

♡ SpringTrap Rig by Creeper2555 (Amazing RIG)

♡ Purple Guy Rig by xXKanyeXx (Cool RIG)

[some of THese rigs aren't include in this video but I might use them in the part 2]

✦ Rigs Credit ✦

✦ Wooden Desk by viryz

✦ better house stuff by eeveewemmy

✦ Furniture Pack by I Can Do Minecraft

✦ Computer Rig by Zal-nimations

✦ Balloon Rig by BloxTheRigger

✦ Food Rig by BloxTheRigger

✦ Digital Alarm Clock Rig by Dan_the_man9000

✦ RGB Game Controller Rig by Adampig476

✦ Mircowave Rig by mbanders

✦ Gun Pack by Magicmaan775

✦ Weapon Pack 2 by BloxTheRigger|

Stuff Credit:

TV head skin by xXChullipXx

Mr Hippo Skin by OctoGamer237

That Freddy inside the POSTER by kkguy570

That Bonnie inside the POSTER by LillyTheRenderer

That Chica inside the POSTER by Delirious411

♪ Music Credit ♪

♪ Dark Gangsta Hip Hop Instrumental - Spike's Vibes(Really sick beat :D )


♪ Sad Romance cover - Alison Sparrow


♪ Mission Impossible Theme

♪ Apple Kids Theme - Earthbound Music

♪ Epic Battle Music 2 - AR Sound Effects

♪ Pokemon R_S_E- Pokemon Battle Victory Music

♪ Kevin Macleod - March of the Spoons

♪ Kevin Macleod - This House

♪ Kevin Macleod - Theme for Harold var 1

♪ Kevin Macleod - Theme for Harold var 2

♪ Kevin Macleod - Mischief Maker

♪ Kevin Macleod - Werq

♪ The music are made by Kevin Macleod ( ♪

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


✩ Credit End Here ✩

Here we go again! Another FNAF video after 2 months, do you guys miss FNAF? I'm sure I do :) Anyway, this is my second five nights at freddy's aka FNAF animation. This time it's FNAF ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT CHALLENGE!!! I started making this funny Monster School FNAF, FNAF UCN animation since the game(FNAF UCN) came out. So I thought why not give it a try, plus my past FNAF animation got a lot of supports. I try to make funny monster school animation so people might like my contents. Btw, this animation is only one part of the full monster school FNAF challenge (FNAF UCN Challenge) video. If you guys want more of these, please share this video and comment down below :) Btw, I can't believe people actually have beaten the 50/20 ucn challenge in FNAF UCN Gameplay 50/20. They sure are really good at these games, lol. This is probably the last animation I made on my 12 FPS laptop lol. I really close to getting a new PC now so I'm sure my next animation will be made in the new PC :D

I can't wait :3

Wait, u read all of these?! :0

I thought people don't really care about those. LOL

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