Welcome to the School of Animatronics, where you'll meet your favourite and memorable Five Nights At Freddy's characters including: Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and Golden Freddy. This is the full movie (I wouldn't really call this a movie, since it's only five minutes long) including Episodes 1 - 4. Enjoy!

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Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macloed (http://incompetech.com/)

Carefree - Kevin Macloed (http://incompetech.com/)

BRODYQUEST - Neil Cicierega (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygI-2F8ApUM)

Stay Calm - Griffinilla (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2SEfqgxug4)

Clear Day - Bensound

Volatile Reaction - Kevin Macloed (http://incompetech.com/)

Black Vortex - Kevin Macloed (http://incompetech.com/)

Sneaky Snitch - Kevin Macloed (http://incompetech.com/)

Inteprid - Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/)


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