Granny won't let you go until her song is over -- or until your life is over, whichever comes first...







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I've got a shiver

Runnin' down my spine...

Trapped here with Granny,

but she ain't no granny of mine!

Cause her eyes are hauntingly dead and white...

Teeth that oughta stay out of sight...

Hair infested with fungal blight--

What a fright!

I could make an escape through the padlocked door,

but every step that I take on this creaky floor

is making horrible squeaks that I can't ignore,

or Granny knows exactly where I am!

Granny! Granny!

Elder foe!

How'd I get here?

I don't know!

Can't we shake

and make it so

I can go?

Let me go!

I need a hammer,

and a couple keys...

I need to whisper,

because I see Granny's knees!

Air so thick with her dank perfume...

Fog that follows her 'round the room

Breath so close that I must assume

that I'm doomed...

She's got a keen set of ears like you won't believe,

and keeps a half dozen traps up her Granny sleeve,

besides a thick wooden bat to prevent my leave.

I wish she'd knit a quilt or play some bridge...

Granny! Granny!

Right below!

She's a Hide-and-

-Seeking pro!

Tracks you down by


Why, hello...

Let me go!

Granny's in the hall!

Calling through the walls-

"Want to play hide and seek?"

Gotta run!

Gotta hide!

Granny's planning


"Come and give your Granny a kiss on the cheek!"

I just shot Granny,

and I hope she's dead.

But if she isn't,

I'm sure she'll come cut off my head!

What could open up Granny's door?

Why is this inside Granny's drawer?

Where was Granny right here before

on the floor?

Now I'm stuck in her house, and she's out on the prowl

with her bat in her hand and a permanent scowl

on her rotted old face and she smells kinda foul,

like a shambling sack of prunes!

Granny! Granny!

Spreading woe

Everywhere that

Granny goes!

Racing, chasing

to and fro

even though

Granny's too slow to catch me-

Granny! Granny!

Well of woe!


horror show!

Might have passed on

long ago!

Let me go!

Let me go!