Well, you guys seemed really hyped for this one, you absolutely exploded the likes on the preview, so here it is finally, hope it was worth the wait :)


The begining of this story is basically the ending of Fnac 3, (SPOILER ALERT!!!) where the girl you play as witnesses the "accident" where the cat and rat are killed. The police turn up and don't susspect the Puppeteer to have killing them, but once the little girl finds the police, she tells them what she saw, and the Puppeteer gets thrown in prison. He is angry about this, so as soon as he is released, he goes to find the girl and get his revenge, similar to what night 6 was about in Fnac 3. However, her brother was with her, so they both had to "go". At this time, Candy and Cindy are the ones performing on stage, and the souls from the children go into the suits, but can't do much inside them. The Puppeteer had started hallucinating about all the animatronics coming to life, especially the Rat, the Cat, Candy and Cindy since they were the people he actually killed. He is certain he could give life to these suits, so he burns the resturant and takes all the animatronics to an old factory, where he begins to experiment on them. The Penguin and Old Candy don't give any results because they never has souls put into them, and the Rat/Cat are too long gone to held the results he wanted. However Candy and Cindy start to show signs of life via electro theropy, so the Puppeteer did what he did with those two to Vinnie, Sad Puppet, so that when he dies, his soul can live on inside of the suit. However his death is closer than he believes. Shadow Cindy is the soul of the girl the Puppeteer killed, taking the shape of the suit she originally possesed. She wants revenge, and she gets it. The Puppeteer dies by the knife that killed her, and his sould indeed does go into Vinnie. But, this isn't the afterlife he pictured. He now sees his blood soaked hands, and what the dead kids see in these suits. Death. The pain. He sees them for what they truly are, dead horrific children. He wants the pain to stop, for not just him, but any other kid possesing an animatronic. He releases Candy's soul as Shadow Cindy burns down the building. He moves on to Fredbear's Family Diner and finds another child who was murdered by purple guy. He gives up the Sad Puppet suit so the kid may help to bring peace to other lost souls. He becomes the Puppet of Fnaf 2 onwards. What became of Cindy's soul as of yet, is unknown...

I hope you all enjoyed :)